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Originally Posted by Zengrath View Post
I'm still confused on how the arch-nemesis feature of this game works. i can't find anything in manual about it or searching online. i'm on my 3rd game/town and i simply have not gotten any hints on how to track him down. I'm playing one world which i think i fully explored all zones but yet no matter which zone i'm in and i look at the quest it says "is not in this area of the world".

EDIT: shortly after i posted this i got a message about a rumored location for him which apparently is on my map. but i don't see anything on my map to indicate where this rumored location is? what am i looking for?
Basically, your arch-nemesis is special to the region you created when making your area. You have your area and then your region. As you play through area to area, you most likely will be staying in the same region each time. Eventually you'll get to an area where your arch-nemesis is and you'll be able to search them. I found him in my second area.
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