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Originally Posted by Nobear View Post
Peaceloving Citizens: Every citizen is a law-abiding goody two shoes.
Average Town: This town has an average range of ruffians.
Total Anarchy: Who needs demons when you've got citizens like this?
I'm all for this addition. I like configuration, and I think this will help a lot.

Given a couple things Shadow said, I do think that there is somewhat just a statistical relationship problem going on. Just because it's statistically improbably for a person to flip a coin 100 times in a row and get heads every single time, it's not impossible. If "goody two shoes" just lowers the probability, it's still quite possible to have a goodly town still errupt into chaos.

In terms of this game being an expansion to the original, where the townspeople have personalities and pseudo lives, being able to simulate the external factors within an enforced society might help. Even in a den of thieves, which might be a better choice instead of "Total Anarchy", there might be a whole class of oppressed citizens suppressed by a ruling mafia-like structure. It's a state of fear, and sure that town might be feared by other towns, but the town itself probably survives because they don't have lots of infighting. They're one big family, with some sort of purpose, that brought them all together.

The point is that there is, in any society, some external force that brings the society together. It might be a despot. It might be respect for elders. It might be the fear of [a] G/god. There is often some external force. It would be great to bring that external force into the game. Maybe the threat of Din cursing them all into saving towns just like their own should they be naughty instead of nice

Right now, the question for me is why are the townspeople even willing to live together? It makes sense for a character with a "Bully quality" to start fights with people. But for the Weaponsmith whom I sell most of my gear to and whom I must assume I make quite wealthy, it doesn't make sense for him to go out and pick fights with the poor and the hungry unless he's some sort of psychotic bully. His needs are taken care of. It _does_ make some sense for an overly rich merchant to be plagued by the poor, underprivileged class in the town.

Stream of consciousness over. I guess what I am trying to say is that I love the town interaction and pseudo-life, and I think it can only get better over time. Creating pseudo-life has got to be difficult, and I think the only way to solve it is to make it more complex, not less, but have the complexities make sense vs. having stuff like fights seemingly occur just by the random roll of a d100.
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