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Originally Posted by Baki View Post
i do not think mages generally need help. all my strongest chars have been mages. Beeing ranged is a huge advantage.

stuns and slows help a mage to defend.

but i would agree that there are only a few efficient ways to play a mage. for Example try this built: Shatter, Cold Mastery, Permaforst. Those are all the skills you will need. Shatter has good single target dps and good aoe. Permaforst to slow nasty monsters. As 2nd Class get a class with +0.8 HP / Vit like Gladiator or Conjurer for Thunderbolt vs bosses (even if it isnt as reliable as it was).

get a staff with crit and casttime and all is fine. get enough int to reach 100% crit and put the rest of your points into vit.

Right there you made our point though. No diversity in that build. Why would this ice Mage need the fire Mage and magician skill trees? The wizard class simply doesn't work! Is there sufficient reason to toss points into Teleport with that build to justify the whole magician tree? So your ice Mage build could as easily hybrid with another tree for armor and/or weapon bonuses because you sure aren't going to focus enough points in teleport to bring the cool down to the point that it helps your character as a defense skill.

To have an effective Mage class you MUST pour all your points into a very narrow niche of skills, effectively making 2 skill trees nearly worthless when skill tree choices are so important (due to cumulative stat bonuses and the importance of which items one can arm in the game).

Even if the build you describe is great there should be more than one working build from 3 skill trees.
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