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Alpha v0.0.7 Patch

Mana Overhaul:

Large changes have been made to mana to make mana a more balanced and reasonable system. A lot of the time, if you get flat mana, you don't really get rewarded with the regeneration necessary to sustain that larger mana pool. And this, combined with the inherently poor mana regeneration system in combat, makes it very hard to sustain mana without mana potions. While, now I agree that mana should not be an infinite resource, it should also not be absolutely mandatory that one use mana potions or a powerful mana regeneration skill to sustain their mana pool. If anything, a mana regeneration skill should be a luxury or extra boost to push one's ability to sustain their mana to the limit.

- Mana on hit affix now gives 1/5th of what it did before.
- Mana regeneration in combat is now 100%. Thief mana regeneration skill is still in place and gives 100%. (Thief reworks later)
- Base mana regeneration of 4.0 is now 0.0. No more free mana regeneration!
- Base regeneration per int/spirit is .06 now. (50% buff)
- Mana Regen Bonus passives now give .02 mana per point of relevant stat. (100% buff)
- Deep Mind now gives 1.2 mana regeneration per point.
- Mana regen spell now gives 2 bonus mana per level on active portion. (up from 1)
- Regeneration now has a third of its power set as passive, like Mana Regen. (Not mana related, but inspired by mana changes).

New Skills:

- New Magician Skill: Arcane Might! Grants 10% spell damage per level. Base of 6 points.
- New Magicial Skill: Magical Physique: Grants ability to wear leather for 15 points.

Vendor Changes:

New Vendors: Magician & Archmage - Two new vendors may appear that sell only wands.
- Vendors now carry more items on average.

Monster Balance:

After getting smashed repeatedly in normal difficulty by demigods and other high ranked mobs.... I decided to elevate the priority of my monster rank rebalancing. So, yeah. Higher ranked mobs won't start spawning until later than ever. Normal is meant to be 'easy', and serve as a warmup before you die later on. Champion will be when the difficulty really starts to ramp up. And, elite is when your build needs to be really good to survive. At level 40, your build will need to be very strong both offensively and defensively.

The scaling: Normal = 0, Common = 1, Uncommon = 2, Rare = 3, VeryRare = 4, Unique = 5, Unique2 = 8, Unique3 = 12, Unique4 = 15, Unique5 = 19, Unique6 = 22, Unique7 = 26, Unique8 = 29, Unique9 = 32, Unique10 = 36, Unique11 = 40

Also, normal difficutly ends at 20, champ starts at 20, champ ends at 40, elite starts at 40, etc. Gives more time to get strong.

Last, there is a small typo in the base game. Unique6 monsters (warboss rank) have 1.0 times health multiplier instead of 11. While irrelevant in the base game, it is a big deal for this mod. Currently, you can just go to a level 22 zone and farm them for easy easy experience. This typo is pretty much the only reason I am even releasing 0.0.7 right now.

Item Balance:

- Scavanging is now twice as rewarding as before. (I overnerfed it a bit too hard).


Comments: Still working on more changes incrementally as I playtest other classes. Need to do a lot more experimenting.
Edit: I did a silent patch that just cleans up some of the in-combat mana scripting a bit, so that there isn't any confusion. I'm thinking for v8 I'm going to include three difficulties. (Vanilla, Hard, Elite). This way, all types of players can enjoy the mod. Right now, it's just elite. And, I don't want to make the mod too exclusive to a particular type of player.

Edit 2: What happens when you try to farm an area 10 levels above yours?:

Not even a crit... LOL. I'm glad I'm testing on non-hardcore. I'm definitely going to need to make resistance skills more accessible. I had 62 resist and ~950 effective hp and that thing 1-shot me with ease. I'll probably add more generic passives. We'll see.

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