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Default Version 1.022 done list

  • added effect to cripple status effect
  • fixed missing SkillTime translation
  • fixed missing GoodAvatars translation
  • made skill name draw larger
  • added splitter between prefix/suffix text on skills
  • added on kill chance print on skills
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 70
  • added ui_allConditionsTrue so I could see all widgets at once (easier to rearrange)
  • fixed crashes when creating/destroying fake player
  • added support to log stuff without translating
  • fixed orc shaman weakness skill now based on monster skill
  • status effects now skip loading stat changes that can't happen
  • changed to a better hash algorith
  • only partially build status effects on skill definitions until needed
  • magic modifiers now skip loading stat changes that can't happen
  • now skip loading unused stat changes
  • fixed Trigger::unlock starting an infinite loop if 2 unlocking triggers near each other
  • now play monster pain sounds on dots and death
  • added donators to credits screen
  • no longer build ctx files in debug build (faster debug loading)
  • now traps can do explosions (can cause cave ins)
  • increased volume of monster pain sounds
  • added printResourceName debug command
  • item name in item highlight text is now in larger font (Zombasite and next game)
  • changed item description color
  • made item bonuses more noticable (different color and shifted over a bit)
  • added empty line before at current skill level info
  • added empty line before next skill level cost info
  • changed skill level info text color to stand out more
  • changed next skill level info text color to grey
  • got rid of a several places could get an extra blank line in skill text
  • simplified current/next skill level text
  • now hide current skill level/next skill level if no per level info
  • no longer show mana needed for basic attack skills
  • moved extra enemies to target section
  • now status effect text on skill text is much more clear
  • now show skill icon in highlight text box
  • got rid of a couple more empty lines in quests
  • fixed skill prints on item to be indented and colored
  • fixed +durability prints on item to be indented and colored
  • fixed orc and zombielord sounds in bestiary
  • fixed 2 caves having unusable braziers
  • fixed whirlwind text no longer being up to date on number of enemies
  • no longer show cost of next point when at max
  • water can now spread
  • water now stays around for 30 seconds instead of 10
  • wet status effect now lasts 10 seconds
  • now outside in rain gives you wet status effect
  • now full level fog adds fog status effect to sentients
  • wet status effect now debuffs cold resistance also
  • fixed some radar stuff still being applied in some cases
  • unique monster and renegade quests that can be on any level now try to sync more times (now 200, was 20)
  • fixed liquids getting destroyed, not removed, and then no longer working correctly
  • projectiles no longer cause explosion effect on something that wasn't damaged
  • caveins should now be immune from damage from other caveins
  • now need to stand still to throw ice bombs and other similar things
  • fixed some issues when wielding a broken bow
  • ghost now counts as flying
  • some short desert plants no longer fade out when "in way"
  • dead trees no longer fade out when in way
  • updated donation lists from Patreon on website and Zombasite/next game
  • fixed aura/status effect text indentation
  • whirlwind now repeats correctly when using right click (Mortac)
  • fixed 1 DarkLord texture capitalization issue (Linux is case sensitive)
  • fixed 9 PlagueLord texture capitalization issues (Linux is case sensitive)
  • reworded RightClickMainSlot slightly
  • fixed a few things so that immortal clan members would work (treborx555)
  • fixed always dark in coop player towns (=TEF= Alpha-9 the Ratman)
  • fixed a rare infinite loop in trap activation
  • can now have multiple BlockTypeIndex/BlockTypeMult for the same index (now multiple together instead of replacing)
  • no longer show @ on level name for clans not met
  • fixed god altar blessing prints
  • changed god altar text to gold instead of white/green
  • detail models in longer hide in model editor
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