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Default [0.817] [Bugreport] - Drox Guild awards chest for races the player did not destroy.

Excerpt from the game log:

00:18:47 - The colony on Kadoronino (Lithosoid) in Aco has been destroyed by Ancient Hezog Destroyer.
00:18:47 - Brunt: This is our space.
00:18:47 - Discovered the Hezog race
00:18:47 - Hezog have captured the planet Kadoronino from the Lithosoid!
00:18:47 - Lithosoid declares War on Hezog
00:18:47 - Noshiro destroys Hezog
00:18:47 - The Drox has rewarded you for destroying Hezog with Loot!

It appears that a Hezog destroyer destroyed a planet. Then in the space of a second they became race, were discovered by the Drox and were again destroyed by the Lithosoid. Oddly enough the game registered me as being the person to destroy the Herzog and awarded me a loot chest. Even though i had never met the race, never fired on them and wasn't at war with them as far as i can tell.

Something similar happened in the previous game as well:

00:31:43 - The colony on Jane (Fringe) in Capron has been destroyed by Lithosoid.
00:31:43 - Nimitz destroys Fringe
00:31:43 - The Drox has rewarded you for destroying Fringe with Loot!

In that game i was at war with the Fringe (Which they declared), and a few colonies of theirs were destroyed by me (10 minutes before the Lithosoid finished them off). Back then i figured the Drox might be rewarding major participation instead of requiring a last hit for a reward. But the Herzog situation above seems to invalidate that theory.
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