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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
It does reward the race that did most of the damage. Not sure what happened in your first scenario though, I'll look into it.
That would indeed explain the second scenario - i certainly did more damage than the Lithosoid though it was a while in the past.

Aside from this i managed to reproduce the first scenario 2-3 times now with other characters, each time in a case where a planet was captured and then immediately destroyed. I can't for the life of me recall if this was an ancient cruiser capture every time, but perhaps the game considers damage to ancient Herzog cruiser(s) damage to their faction? Or perhaps the new colony died before any damage was done for whatever reason, causing the game to consider my "0 damage" worthy of an award because no-one did better?

Of course without looking at the source code those are just guesses, and you'll probably have a better idea of the cause than i have. If i happen to reproduce it again, I'll make sure to update the thread.
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