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Although I list quite a few negative things here, I still very much enjoy the game (even in it's beta state), so don't get me the wrong ways...

Here are the bugs I encountered so far:

- that black screen-flickering too (with a AMD Radeon R9 290)

- a cape-vendor with an empty inventory/shop (he was already gone when I realized I could have sent a savegame)

- an npc party member who wouldn't stop screaming for help, even though there were no enemies nearby

Not really bugs, but maybe some suggestions:

- turn down the sound effects of the background fighting on startup in the main menu down a lot! It almost kills me everytime I start the game and like two dozen creatures scream at once

- I've only seen a few worlds, so this might not always be the case, but is it designed on purpose that every region only connects to two other regions? I do like the kind of progression-y feel you get by that, but it's also quite hard if the first region next to your camp is lvl 1-2 and the next is 8-9 and you die like 20 times before you manage to get to a lower level region behind that hard one.

- I get that this is the zombie apocalypse, so maybe it's on purpose that there aren't that many vendors (I'm kinda spoiled by Din's maybe), but last time, I reached lvl 6 before I could afford to buy my first skill due to a lack of money and not being able to sell anything.

- I also get, that the your-camp-is-under-attack-sound should grab your attention, but I think it's a little bit too annoying. Maybe just reduce it to some alarm-bell-ringing without the screaming?

- I usually increase the value of "r_viewFarDist" in the user.cfg to 1200, to be able to zoom out a bit further. I did this in all the previous games too. Maybe this time you could increase the maximum zoom level in the options? (this is not related to the black-screen bug I mentioned above)


keep up the good work!
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