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Originally Posted by firecat666 View Post
If you still need help with this, I found the Vanguard skill in skills.gdb in assets003 (not in 001). All other skills are probably in assets003 somewhere too.
Thank you for the reply!

I have also found the Base Costs in those files. Perhaps I did not word things properly . What I am trying to do is move the actual green number element itself - the position of the digit. I have managed to add the "font" command to the related SkillSlot in the skills.mnu to change the size of the font, but I have no idea if it is possible to alter the actual position of where the skill cost number appears on screen.

The only success I have had is when the particular SkillSlot is re-positioned, the green cost number is also shifted along with it.

It could be hardcoded, I suppose . I do not know much about coding to know if I need to add more commands/references etc to the SkillSlot entries.

I may just have to compromise
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