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new stuff
ai should run to noise location not add enemy to hate list
do I spawn far enough out?
water on ground + fire = steam
fire out out with water = smoke
both block vision + attack/defense debuff, steam goes away quicker
lava + water/cold = steam (lava stays)
if 2 points are same height random which one liquid goes down
liquid slowly goes down hill? and pools?
more breakable objects? esp in dungeons
webs should just attach to player & slow down instead of getting in way?
steam also makes things wet
blocks will slowly regrow
do I change seasons ever?
weather, season, & day/night cycle need to change things - some things spawn more, more aggressive, or town attacks
burned areas makes monsters more aggressive
what can affact weather?
tornados/lightning have chance to start storm?
blocks grow back faster in rain
rain scroll? treasure map with rain drop on it
saurians like rain, dark elves like night, dogs louder at night
nightmare - crazy respawn at night - nightmarish/of nightmares
some monsters might flee area or uprising disband because of weather
falling rocks should be immune to falling rocks
storms can spread or move?
reptiles hate snow
destroy a manastone get a BreakableEnergyVortex?
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