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new stuff
I encountered a wrong location in the quest description. (Tyakraman)
In the region "Remnants of Iulia of Acid" were two dungeons, the "Insane Sullen Crypt lvl 1" and the "Lost Pit lvl 1".
The quest "Kill the Tiny Mud Amorph hunter" said, that the monster was to be found in the "Insane Sullen Crypt lvl 1", but when I couldn't find it and pinged its location, a marker was placed in the "Lost Pit lvl 1" (the "v" marker still pointed to the wrong location though).
Chain lightning targeting bug(?) (Romløk) this has been on the Zombasite list, just moved it over
I've been trying out a lightning build, and from what I can tell the Chain Lightning spell doesn't work as I'd expect. I'm not sure if it's WAI or not, but the current behaviour feels unintuitive:
I would expect the lightning bolt to hit the initial target, then bounce to another in the vicinity of that target. Instead, it seems to only chain to other targets (enemies, breakables) which are near to the player's location.
sometimes not getting level name on map once discovered
demon invasion scenario not having enough demon problems
attack/radar fix too much change?
when critter changes direction could do something fancy - run away from player, fire, towards obelisks, etc
rats run towards dead bodies & away from fire
bats fly away from light
spiders follow giant spiders
small chance yellow mold zombifies monster exposed
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