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there is not much nitty gritty to argue about balance on this point (imo) they either fix it or they don't especially with such easy solutions
i guess the "balance" ramifications in single player are just never enough to justify getting things exactly right


remember that this game is set to have multi player and I'm assuming pvp which if it were done right now would look terrifyingly bland
I believe the meta would instantly digress into the following
-level to 100 spend 460 of 500 points just to max ship
-spend my remaining whopping 40 points on an extremely thin variety of viable options
-finally finish with this exploit ie ARTIFICIALLY STUFF the best components
you can that will work after breaking it's requirement
-allowing me to spend as much of my overabundant 40 points into
basically the one stat the game has left relevant at this point being tactical...
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