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Originally Posted by Mischief Maker View Post
If you're looking for some inspiration for combat mechanics, may I suggest checking out two other hidden gem indies?

Starships Unlimited:

It's a 4x pausable real time strategy game, but it has a unique tactical combat system I've not seen replicated anywhere. Each turn you choose a maneuver from a list that grows the more XP the ship has. Every weapon system has a specific firing arc, so combat turns into a furious game of cat and mouse where the two ships are trying to bring the enemy into range while avoiding being targeted themselves.

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages

It's an asteroids-style newtonian shooter with a massive selection of ships and components that in many ways resembles the customization from the Armored Core games. One particular thing to note is the game's heat and energy management systems and the many ways they play off one another to keep the action going.

I've given more detailed suggestions in the Drox forum itself but my number one suggestion for Drox 2 is less offscreen dice rolls, more interactive moving parts.
Wow, those games look amazing on first glance. Right up my alley. Going to give them a shot. Thanks for the recommendations.
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