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Question May i suggest somethings? (Also, i want some clarifications)

Hey guys, im getting great fun from the game so far...
Just want to share some ideias:

The Fighters health bars in the left of the screen are a bit confusing: could we have then grouped by "component"? It would be great if every component could create its own "card", with info listed near it:like the level of the summoned fighters, the number of them summoned (maybe with the max possible number next to it) and the health bars of each individual one under it (annexed a picture). I tend to run a lot of fighters and things get messy very fast. If possible, can we add a color code to them too? Some way to change the back light of them, so we can know which ones are from which component?

In the "performance" side could we have a way to deal with the multi-layered backgrounds? The game is surprisingly running smoothly in my PC without 3d graphic card, EXCEPT when the background get too heavy (nebulosas are beautyfull, but they do make the game slow down a lot).

Finally, can i have some clarifications about how leech, and repair on hit work? Drakk have this "fighter Syphon" skill, which tell it "repair 1% per hit", I imagine it repair 1% of the damage dealt, but this repair is only aplied to structure? Or heal their plate/shield too? I saw leech stuff in other race skills (lythosoid and scavengers), but it is presented as a flat number. Does the hit just repair that flat number, or it actually is a code, and leech is % of the damage?

Thanks, I hope im not offending anyone, just want to help. Im in love with this game so far, congratulations for such awesomeness...
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