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Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
I know. I know. I was several corridors away when I heard the "I'm in pain grunts" and realized "That's not my character! That's an NPC!" So I hoofed it over just in time to hear the dying wail and see "Bowyer" or whatever over her head. Waaaah!
*puts head down for a minute of silence* And those Bowers are just as hard to come by than the bloody bows they sell...

Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
What? Nothing really. I'm just nice that way.
LOL. That's what I say at work too... just before we take someone down and cuff them, and drag their asses to solitary. =D

Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
However, if you don't want that cursed bow, I could take it and give it a whirl. If it beats what I'm using, you can have the one I've got now. It's a real winner -- doesn't look like much but it has low stat requirements, decent DPS, but 120% crit & magic crit, armor piercing, extra health, extra mana, etc. Can you pull off the 48STR/96DEX required? Probably not at level 13, but if you make it to around level 20 you might.
My brother kept the bow (he did pick it up), so I can't get my grubby little hands on it. If I remember the conversation correctly, I think I was threatened with certain painful death if I didn't give it back to him (borrowed it for the screenshot). Something about him wanting to keep it, despite it being cursed....

Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
For whom? just kidding. I have no need to wish death on you.
LOL Gee, thanks. I can see it now, you stay stealthed, pick a baddie off and oh look, I have nowhere to hide... Nothing beats walking bait.

Though, now that I toy with the thought, the XP hit may be worth a few chuckles...

It would be interesting to see how the game deals with such an offset character level.

Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
No -- it doesn't... I have to open up to multiplayer trade in the hopes that someone has found a better bow than what I have. I keep dumping tremendous points into barbed arrow & stealth which is why my bow is still viable at level 50, but really to have the same bow for 25 levels???
See, and therein lies my issue, we shouldn't have to be dumping points into skills to offset the rather erectily dysfunctional stats of the game's bows - and the horrible drop/quality amounts.

Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
Maybe we need a trade thread....? I think so.
Good idea, but I've had prior bad experiences with this kind of thing... Too many greedy theifs out there to make that worthwhile.

Once in a while though... a good soul may come through...
- m0stly_harmless
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