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Thanks ( Tchey )!

I'm kind of curious, what about the description doesn't appeal to you? The entire concept? Or, just a specific aspect?

Edit: Also, I'm aware of some small issues with the mod already (because I'm playing it right now). Will have 0.0.2 later tonight. Haha.

Edit 2: 0.0.2 out. Fixes most, if not all immediate & mod-ruining issues.

Had a lot of fun playing new char combinations today. It's really incredible how much opportunity there is in the game when a few doors get opened, haha. In any case. I was thinking of a few Shadow inspired lines that I could say based on my gameplay.

My Magician + Dark Templar probably isn't the most powerful hybrid combination. But, the allure of high late game tankiness and low cooldown teleports keeps me going.

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