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Awesome Castruccio.
I can't wait to hear your feedback.

I'm currently experimenting with dungeon, chest, secret room and object spawn rates. I realized that my chest buff didn't really matter very much because of... well... a ton of reasons actually (as I'm now seeing). That will change!

I'll only get minimal work done on week days (because of rl). But, hopefully I should be able to make a lot of progress this weekend again (as usual). I have a bunch more ideas to implement and things to change.

edit 2: *phew*. Did like 2 hours of testing on chests. Got my regex codes created to create my moddable chest file completed. I also tested chest spawns a lot. I was always curious if it was possible to add new item types to the game. For example, I just copied "ChestLargeGold" and renamed it to "ChestMassiveGold" inside of chests.gdb. It doesn't work, sadly. But, oh well. That's life.

It also seems that there are many chests that can't spawn even if their spawn chance is set above 1. For example, I can't spawn ChestRewardMedium, the bonus chests or the treasure hunter chests. A bit lame. But, oh well. I can work around it. Chests will be way more impactful.

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