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I couldn't get them to spawn above ground or anywhere!


Thanks for the response! I will definitely modify that area.


I understand your sentiment entirely!

Well, this will definitely be something that you will have to play test to decide if you like or not then. I'm not making it so that every 5 steps a Godly Chest of Infinite Loot spawns in front of you. But, I am going to make it so that you can actually see some of the rarer chests.

For example, did you know there are named chests in this game (ChestUnique)? I had no idea! I'm sure I have at least 120 hours of legit playtime (and like 40 hours of that was double speed probably) and I never saw even one. Just so you know, they have a spawn rate of .2 while small chests have a spawn rate of 5,000. Utopia secret rooms can spawn them (rarely), but I think you get the idea. I just want to open some doors for the game, if you will. More, but not excessive... at least in some cases, haha!

Also, in regards to pace, I think that the pace is going to be dramatically lower. Lots more higher ranked monsters appear, so you have to play more carefully. (No more get Scavanger at level 34-36, then faceroll rest of the game or just power creep at level 50-60 to be op and focus only on maxing combat exp).

In any case, we'll see how things play out. Lots of ideas come to me every day. This weekend I'll be putting in many hours of work for sure.

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