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Default Fulano's QOL Mod v0.2

Figured I should at least put this out in the world as I gradually work on it.

Fulano's "Quality of Life" mod.
My goal is to balance and adjust things. I want to reduce micromanagement, streamline things, and try to bring a little more balance to the game where it's sorely needed. I'm mostly wanting to bring a little more life to the game and maybe make it a little easier for new players. I do want to try to maintain the game's difficulty level.

I've got a lot of things planned to adjust, so it's going to take a long time to get through them all. I'd love to get feedback on some of the proposed changes. Many of these changes are made by "feel" rather than a balancing formula, so feedback will be extra valuable.

For now the mod is hosted on this site, attached to this post.
Simply put the .zip file in Din's Curse's Assets folder, the same folder with the 3 other Assets files.
The mod is actually broken into many files, if you want to only use part of the mod. I'll let you figure out how to do that though.

So far nothing harmful will happen when uninstalling the mod. The increased item stack sizes will simply stay in the sizes they were left, you just can't add more items to it.

I've been able to host games fine, but haven't tested joining other people's game who don't have the mod.

Changes for version 0.2
Increased duration of the following skills:
  • Barkskin - 4 hours
  • Strength of Stone - 4 hours
  • Dark Ritual - 4 hours
  • Regeneration - 4 hours
  • Bravery - 10 minutes
  • Elemental Protections - 15 minutes
  • Hardiness - 1 hour
  • Bless - 1 hour
  • Shield of Fire - 15 minutes

Decreased the reuse time of the following skills to 1 second:
  • Barkskin
  • Strength of Stone

Changes for version 0.1
  • Monsters:
  • Rylor Grenade damage decrease 33%, range reduced by 12% (They are still stronger than the ones in Din's Legacy, enough damage to still be scary, but not enough to cause an instant kill every time.
  • Hulk health and armor increased about 10% (They just didn't feel like "hulks" but just average monsters).
  • Guardian damage reduced 12%, armor increased 10% (They were a major cause of one hit kills when they got a crit, so I dropped their damage a bit).
  • Increased Targ health by 20% (again, they didn't feel scary enough, but I still think their frenzy skill needs a bigger boost to be properly scary).

  • Increased how long you have to help starving people, and I think I reduced how often the quest happened a bit.
  • Reduced the max number of "bugs" in the infestation quest from 15 to 10.

  • Increased Townsperson health about 30% (I want town attacks to still be urgent, but still have a bit of time to get there).
  • Increased Dungeon NPC health by 20%. This seems to include vendors, prisoners, and escort NPCs. (So now rather than dying before I see them, they usually have a sliver of health when I find them).

  • Increased max size of all stackable items to 99. Saves a nice amount of space in bags. (Inspired by Din's Legacy changes).
  • Mana stones now give "infinite mana" bonus rather than just regenerating mana so you can resume fighting if you needed mana. (Also inspired by Din's Legacy).
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of 6 and 8 slot bags. (I wanted it to be easier to fill the stashes with bags in the beginning).
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