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Some more late-night thinking out loud:

I. "buying new ship hulls" isn't really a concept in Drox 1:

a) you install the mix of equipment the "expresses" the class of ship you want

b) ship's appearance/performance changes radically as you add command points

But in Drox 2: there's no reason we couldn't also add a "meta ship upgrade" along the lines of a family of some additional "upgrade paths" that the player can choose from:

1. close-support module: add one or more offense/defense modules that fly in close formation next to the ship (and now the main ship has no "wings" per if the original ship "enlarges" due to the starboard/port new wing-modules visually). The modules may be one of the following: a) crew compartment b) energy generator c) sensor array d) charge-up weapon e) so many more ideas etc. The module can be destroyed by enemy fire and can be auto-rebuilt after a cool-down.

2. The ability to respec the original racial ship choice: I've decided that I want to respec to a shield build. *Of course* a Drox 2 Operative can now change their biological bodies to whatever suits the why not the ship in turn?

3. I would rather have a bright blue ship today. Not saying that this has to be a full-blown paint ship like in Mechwarrior 5 since the ship is really a small icon on the screen and not quite as important visually since we are zoomed out most of the time. I just may find that my eyes can pick out my ship better if it was blue on the given map. My player view is really just a tactical console after all: perhaps I need my ship icon to be brighter or darker...etc.

II. I would like to have point defense, but more along lines of: light slot versions are weak-auto guns. medium slot versions are manual-control mini guns or flak canisters that the player swaps to between shooting their normal weapons. large slot versions are area-denial weapons and/or reflect/jam the missiles or enemy squadrons to the point of being an offensive system in their own right.

III. To help with automation accessibility: it is great that Soldak games offer the ability to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome/fatigue and outright injury with mouse-clicking for hours: I assign spacebar or another key to firing. I assign another key to move to a spot. This is huge.

To enhance this: if I install a "gunner" crewman: I can assign, at my option: that gunner to auto-fire weapons at the closet enemy (and perhaps stay-locked on that enemy for the next five seconds...until that enemy is destroyed or has moved out of range).

IV: Expanding on the "tactical officer specialization such as "gunner" above: Have "bridge crew" slot assignments once I've upgraded a ship to "cruiser+" classification:

a. gunner1/gunner2: can fire the medium/heavy slot weapons
b. defender: can fire the defensive, wave, area, or shield boost systems
c. boarding leader: can initiate board or be set to auto-board

V: remote buy/sell: Drox 1 Command had heard from countless Operatives that stopping fun gameplay to go and sell stuff is annoying. The best solution was done in a game "Throne of Darkness": from anywhere, you "called up the marketplace by radio" and could sell, order weapon/armor upgrades, etc. There was no need to go back to town. In Drox 2: the Operative can of course choose which planet/market they want to do a remote buy/sell with.

A cool-down mechanic, or time-to-arrive-for-incoming-gear can be used to prevent abusing this feature...and nifty little puppy transport will arrive/dock with the Operative's ship and zip away.

...sheesh I could riff more on game ideas to enhance that "little merchant" that helps out the Operative...

VI: Totally heretical suggestion, probably a bit late in the development cycle:
Arcade mode: WASD with strafe movement. It's all the rage. Let me bring my arcade skills up in here.

However I'm aware that this doesn't really jibe with the skill-based Diablo-like-movement-realm since there is no "arcade dodge of a beam weapon really possible" and the beam automatically hits and does damage based on RPG statistics.

But note that in StarSector, for example: the ability to move with WASD/strafe doesn't really mean that beams get dodged, per se. It means that I can position my ship (and armor/shields/hull) intuitively rather than "click in some spot that results in the ship eventually flying there" which is a rather passive way to fight a starship IMHO. No offense meant to all my Diablo/Drox descendant game experiences at all...

Sulu didn't direct the Enterprise through a dogfight...he flew her through the 3d Drox 2 we have a 2d left-right-up-down/strafe would be great.
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