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A few things that I keep coming back to whilst waiting for early access:

1. Get rid of the different levels of cargo bays. Make them all the largest size, and let the ship itself dictate how many you can install. Or, if you have to, make just two sizes or something. The pain of having to find cargo bays in the first place, then having to limp through all the smaller sized ones and incrementing up is not a fun mechanic. Incremental updates are fine in other areas, but storage/inventory is a primary place where quality of life is the most important, and that initial slog until you get all the cargo bays you need (especially to fill out your stash and shared stash slots) is painful and not fun. (Also, the bigger cargo bays didn't even appear until you were a higher level -- dump this altogether too. You need all the inventory space you can get at every level. Again -- control this by the number of bays you can install in a ship, not the slots in each bay.)

2. Raise the 15 (or whatever) stack size limit for the consumables. As with the above, this is just an arbitrary limit that makes people fill more precious inventory space with multiple stacks of the same consumables that are used often. They already have cooldowns, there doesn't need to be another limit preventing me from using them.

3. Make all of the things like opening chests/scouting planets/identifying items/installing components -- anything with the little progress bar -- take less time. This is again an arbitrary impedance that takes away from the fun of the game. I'd remove them altogether for a lot of the simple things. I can't think of an ARPG that you have to sit and wait a few seconds just to open a chest or whatever. If some of this is meant to prevent hot-swapping modules during combat, make it so you can't have been attacked in the past x seconds before changing components, or something else that doesn't gimp everything else. Identifying items is just a layer of busy work that only is annoying at the beginning when you don't have the funds to do it immediately -- and that's the exact time we don't want to be driving people away with artificial slowdown mechanics.

(It is, of course, no coincidence that all three of these points are things I immediately mod out of previous Soldak games... but we want to hook that fresh blood who hasn't experienced the joy of Soldak games, not sour them with QoL annoyances in their first five minutes.)

This is not an online, real money e-sports game that needs perfect balance. We all know that people who want to cheese the system are going to cheese the system -- there's no point in trying to stop them, especially if in doing so it reduces the enjoyment for everyone else.

Can't wait to get into the new universe!
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