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Default Upcoming changes in version 0.802

  • vassal, tributary, and protectorate treaties can now be broken from either side
  • simplified ActorCovenant::shouldBreakTreaty quite a bit
  • federation members will now always vote no for wars against subjects/overlords
  • now federation members handle wars better when subjects are on other side (federation is more important)
  • no longer get "Declare war on..." option for protectorates and vassals since they aren't allowed to declare war (Excellion)
  • fixed some paid to go to war messages when no war started (Excellion)
  • now makes sure war is going to go through before announcing honors treaty by declaring war (Excellion)
  • now handle interaction between federations and outside alliances better (Excellion)
  • should no longer get repeated attacking planet messages (Darkness)
  • fixed missing translation QuestEventTownAttackTownAttack3 (Sharp)
  • can now get relations with ancients up to the normal maximum relation (100) (Lichice)
  • fixed higher rarity components not dropping correctly
  • changed save version to 232
  • now races won't declare wars on races they've recently discovered (phoenix_54d)
  • now show treaty name on most race specific relations screens (tomd237)
  • fixed random plant race not showing portrait correctly
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