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Srulz, Armor is much better now more than ever. It is even good for little characters like rogue and rangers. Lets say you have 1200 armor at lvl 85. You absorb 34% damage and you are critically hit. Normally this would be pretty problematic in previous patches. However now in the present patches, you'd have 2400 armor when hit critically. That is very handy to have.

If you really want to make someone that can fight, and very rarely get hit bad, make a gladiator/demonologist.

Gladiator will give you cleave, mail armor, and focus armor and damage. Demonologist will give you blood rage which gives a nice bonus to all damage (up to 4 times) everytime you are hit. To top it all off, demon armor will make you get critically hit almost 80% less (at lvl 10) and enhance your armor 30% at lvl 10. Demon armor is the only skill that limits the amount of chance you have on getting criticals. This character will be deadly at higher lvls and getting hit only makes him crazier. This character is on my list of things to do but i'd say to give it a shot
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