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Quest said "Spy Joana" and text when mouseover says that the person is "Savelle the Spy" or something like that -- killing Savelle completed the Joana quest...

I want to double-check whether Slight of Hand is working properly and works as I would expect.

There's a group of zombie dire wolves -- I use it several times on one of them, and nothing happens. They don't start attacking each other. I assume that you can't get zombies to attack each other with it, making this a fairly useless skill in the game. Totally ruins a stealth/slight build lol

If I do manage to get it to work on something, will I get XP credit for the kills?

Do skill-buffs like Cripple or Split Projectiles work on Slight of Hand? i.e. is Slight of Hand considered an attack skill? (that would be awesome actually, and put Slight of Hand back on the map in some ways) "Why did you break my arm?" "I didn't break your arm, you broke MY arm!" "You lying stinking lout, I know you broke my arm!" lol

When watching the menu game, over and over again huge hordes of creatures spend about 15-30 seconds fighting then basically everyone's a zombie or dead and all the attacking each other stops leaving huge hordes and nothing for them to eat. Something seems wrong about that.
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