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Default Ability to make Abstract Widget "classes" or user defined Widget Types?

For relative positioning, the parentWidget and parentLinked are god sends.

I'm modding the Conjurer party pet status bars that normally appear below the character status along the left hand side of the screen.

Since all of the partyMember*.mnu files contain reused data, I was trying to figure out how to build an abstract widget type that would lend repeated values to descendant widgets.

Example pseudo code of what I want to do:

// In some file named abstractPartyMenu.mnu
name PartyMemberType

// Below I define the Widget, StatBar, and StatusEffectIcons
// curently found in the partyMember*.mnu files
// and give all of the widgets internalName values
and in another file
name PartyMember1
inheritsFrom PartyMemberType
// I supply the positioning for this widget 
position 5.0 80.0

// For each of the properties that are not generic
// I set the non-generic values. For example,
// the Health bar widget
    // operates like the parentWidget property
    inheritsFrom PartyMemberType::HealthBarForegroundType
    // size, color, texture aren't needed, but the
    // entityIndex would need to be modified
    entityIndex 0
    // and so would any specific activities
    highlightRedirect PartyMember1::Portrait
Is this, or something like it, possible?
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