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Default The Features List (constructive criticism)

I feel I should pipe up, because I came back to Din's Curse and it's always been an arpg I can recommend to people, over pretty much everything else that's out there. It eclipsed torchlight which lasted me about six hours in comparison to DC which easily lasted several hundred.

However, when asked about the expansion I admit I never bought it, mainly because at the time it came out I'd switched to a different game. I then found myself wondering if I should give the expansion a shot, and it's not expensive in the least, but what struck me when considering it was how vague the features list is. I think this is one significant reason I didn't just outright buy the expansion before:

There are very very few distinct examples of what you're actually getting from the expansion. I think that a couple of these next to some of the significant points would really help.

"Help the NPCs as they interact much more with the world and each other" - A couple of examples? Otherwise this is a statement which could mean just about anything.

"Explore new environments" - List a couple, people always want to know something like that, it peaks their interest.

"Interact with the world in new ways" - same again.

Not trying to be a backseat developer, but I think this is one of those really essential marketing techniques that needs using, especially with the Steam release of the main game and people wondering if they should throw down a little bit of extra money for the expansion with it.
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