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Originally Posted by spacehog View Post
Quick question: All of the boses I've encountered recently deal damage to me whenever I deal damage to them, but they don't have the thorns aura. It happens 100% of the time if I cast a mana attack, and ~25% of the time if I use the basic attack. As soon as one of my attacks hits a boss, fire balls / ice blasts get launched at me from the bosses, regardless of their creature types. Any ideas what's causing this? Any suggestions to avoid instadeaths from inescapable doom? So far the only way I've been able to kill bosses is to lure them to a gate and warp back to town before the blasts hit me. I'm totally down for the challenge, and I'm not playing hardcore so the deaths are fine by me, but it's kind of silly that dealing damage to a boss gets me killed without them even attacking me.

(My current guess is that these reflection attacks are from elemental imbued auras, since they tend to be elemental damage, but I don't remember this happening in the past.)

Thanks in advance.
Correct. These are from auras. They weren't working in the past and were fixed in one of the last patches.
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