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I played through the first 4 levels which was enough to convince me I wouldn't really want to buy the game. I still want to give feedback though so that it can indirectly help your future games. Also for a random bit of background I haven't played DoP but it has been on my to do list for a long time.

Anyway here are the notes I collected.

Lame things:
-Traps in general. Meh, the game isn't any more fun for having them.
-Being stunned. Maybe making it more clear what was happening would have helped, but anyway being stunned is almost always lame and doesn't make the game more fun.
-The music didn't do anything for me.
-Obnoxious sounds: orc dying, no mana.
-When I'm in a big battle the sounds turn into a cacophony.
-Running zombies. Normally they are slow but sometimes they run and it is lame.
-The story. Did not get me interested all. Also had typos and just poor writing in general.
-Requiring multiple hits on a barrel. Come on, is the game more fun having to click on a barrel more than once?
-Secrets don't do anything for me.

-Make the minimap easier to read. Crisp lines rather than blurry pixels.
-The controls are too "floaty" or something. The game should be playing faster and the character should be reacting to my input more "crisply". Having a hard time with finding the right words there.
-Sometimes it's hard to tell what's going on exactly. There was one point where I was fighting in the path of a flame thrower and I didn't realize until the fight was over. I think that is partly from general visual chaos, too many similar colors, and the audio cue that I was on fire getting lost in the audio chaos.
-Stop the scroll bar on text areas at the bottom of the text. There is no reason to let me scroll the last line of text to the top of the box. It just makes it harder for me to safely scroll to the bottom.
-Make the time it takes for an item to float of a chest shorter.
-There are too many items. I would often find myself just trying to use them as soon as possible to keep my slots open since they were constantly being dropped.

Biggest problem:
-Fighting is boring, and the pacing is poor. Not sure what the secret is to get that right, since on paper action rpgs all sound the same. I would guess maybe making it faster paced would help, like taking 3 hits instead of 4 to kill an enemy. And KU often turns into fighting large groups of monsters all at once usually, rather than a constant trickle that occasionally turns into a big fight. And those big fights aren't really very interesting.

Well done:
-The tutorial
-Lots of characters. That would be the one thing that would keep me playing. I might play the game through to see them all if it were free.

Good luck guys! KU had potential for me, so I'll keep my eye out for your next game which might match my tastes better.
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