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Unhappy Ack! My game seems partially frozen!

Anyone else get this problem? I'm running a level 41 warrior on Champion setting. Finished killing 19 monsters in Bearhold Grassland, came back to get my xp from Airik. Stopped to talk to Torsten for a sec, his quests indicated that I had rescued someone 'Ali', so as I went to get the xp, a package needed to be delivered, and the stewards screen started strobing back and forth between the top of the 'Ali needs to be rescued' screen and the bottom, where you find the reward details. I managed to close down the stewards screen, but now my game seems partially frozen. I can access my character, inventory, etc. but I can't affect them with my mouse, nor can I move my character icon. Also, now I can't talk to any of the townies. I click on them and they light up, but I don't get the screen to talk with them. I don't want to shut the computer down, But I also cannot save and exit the game! Help!

Any advice, or am I simply going to lose my game and my character? I've been running this character at last journal check, for over seven days. I've built a pretty good warrior, and I'd hate to lose him esp since I have over 24 GP worth of inventory and equipment in my longhouse, as well as the fun of running a familiar character.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,
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