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Between now and my last post I was able to force my shield regen 3 times higher than it was before. I really like the two weapons I got on this ship because of all the critical hits they get are just crazy.

The new set of stats I have right now is this.

The ship is level 33 right now.

At level 26 my ship was still hurting for parts from the way at which I took it from level 0 to about level 24~. That way was sitting off the map as my friend did his own thing on the map as I was afk. Most of the parts I had on the ship were all taking from my old level 25 Dryad ship which I have now taken everything from and placed the parts on the ship I am using now, and most of that has been replaced by now.

Got this game about one or two weeks ago and I am enjoying it a lot so far. Even got three other people that I know to get it and play it with me off and on.

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