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Heh, there are WAY more DPS-boosting items than there are yellow slots. It looks like you installed some of the weaker picks (Impact Analyzer), and included none of the ROF-boosting items, which would multiplicatively stack. Firing FASTER is also a DPS boost! Finally, your choice of EM weapon doesn't actually contribute to DPSes. I'm sure you could find one that would actually inflict pain. I'm personally trying to break 1 million DPS. Admittedly, past about 100K, the exercise becomes purely masturbatory, as I notice nothing in the universe actually can withstand that level of firepower, and at 100K, even bosses disintegrate before you realize they were there. At a less crazy 30K, you briefly notice that you had a boss in your gunsight, before he explodes. The difference in ship performance between 100K and 500K is pretty much unnoticeable: Everything is instantly vaporized on contact anyway.

In your case, I notice your killing speed is actually considerably lower than my current ship's, which, without buffing, is only around 225K. Once I fire up my buff, I'll jump to about difference in killing speed is actually perceived. Your ship, despite its massive cannon, fires too slowly. Mine only fires 10K-average shots, but it machineguns them, mowing down enemies. It also never blows itself up on a Backlash!

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