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Thanks guys.

When I did NaNo (write 50k words in November) a bit more than a year ago, I received a motivational email from Neil Gaiman. about a conversation he had with his agent. He wasn't happy with the novel he was working on and the agent said, good, we're right on schedule. Because he always was like that in the middle of a project. I guess that's where I am, second guessing myself.

But, back to the schedule. I apologize for only one episode last week. I'm in the middle of the next episode currently, but with the kids being home for Presidents' Day, dentist appointments and other random craziness, I won't get it posted until tomorrow.

Although my original intention for the show isn't panning out very well (marketing for soldak, instant feedback), I'm still learning a lot from the experience (day-to-day writing, battling the mind-games). I am going to see the show to the end.

Besides, I have to know who wins!!!!
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