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Default troubles figuring out setting up a mod.

ive created this mod in hopes of increasing the amount of skill points and attribute points i get when i level up. ive tried setting it up a few different ways but i cant seem to get it to apply to my game. anyone have some advice? i have the file named MyGameSystems2.GDB and it is zipped up in the expansions/exp1/assets folder. this is how i have the file set up. (there are indents before each of the lines between the {} they just dont seem to appear, there are also indents between the words and numbers, im pretty new to this and dont understand why the space doesn't show up in the post since i see the space while i attempt to edit it.)

MyGameSystem2 overrides GameSystem
BaseSkillPointsPerLevel 1
LevelsBetweenSkillPointRaises 2
SkillPointRaise 1
StartingSkillPoints 1

AttributePointsPerLevel 10

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