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Default Mod Update!

Holy crap! I'm sorry its been so long since I've been around, I've gotten really caught up with real life stuff. Long story short, quit my job, got a new job, quit that job, and now I have a new much better job on the way within the next month that will let me have lots of free time to stay up to date with things here.

Ok, so I hope some of you are still around and will get ahold of this, there is a new version of this mod! Though all of the text is kind of small, the mod now allows you to see all of the names for the hybrid options so you no longer have to remember the number the trees are for each class. Its way more user friendly if you can read it fine, I may make a version with larger text, the reason its small is to add a support frame for my custom classes. I wanted extra room and modular support basically, so I could stick in custom classes without hardly any effort.

I hope anyone that gets this mod enjoys it as much as the last version. If anyone has any issues or questions, throw me a message on Steam or Skype at the_darth_kitty and in the message let me know you are from Soldak or else I will probably ignore the messages.
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