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Default Custom races

The full classes in Din's Curse were all well and good, but the main attraction of the show was the Hybrid. Something similar to that in Drox Operative would be the custom race
(let's say they're a product of the Guild experimenting with the ancient Drox' genetic engineering facilities) .

Creating a custom race would entail the following steps :

1. Choosing a logo from among all available race and subrace logos in the game.
2. Choosing one of the "stock" race's ship designs (including Talon, Overlord and Legion designs) .
3. Determining the initial stat bonuses (5 points to distribute, so there's more than just +5 for one stat or +3 and +2 for two stats) . Per point and Command-Up bonuses adjust accordingly.
4. Determining the race-specific slot layout. The player may choose between either a heavy slot, a medium and a light slot or three light slots.
For every slot, the type of component that it holds has to be specified from a list of all available types (with a few exceptions, such as purely stat-enhancing components or crew members) .

As "penalty" for playing a custom race, the player would lose the race-specific crew slot, similar to the loss of the third speciality in Din's.
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