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Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
So I go through the town gate, there's my nemesis. I'm level 1, I have both my clansmen with me. They both die in the first battle with him, I've got a bow so I'm able to pick off some of the reinforcements. He keeps bringing in reinforcements and drinking health potions.
Your Nemesis is not supposed to be that early.

Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
A way to put out fires would be nice. Do ice storms/ice traps, etc. work?
Ice Bombs will work. Other things are supposed to, but I haven't tried them in a long time.

Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
Is there any way to split stacks of potions/buff items?

Is there a way to turn off the blinking + on the skill/spell book when you have too few points to actually spend on anything?
I don't think we have a way to split stacks.

There is an option to turn off all blinking, but not that individual one.
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