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These are draft some ideas i posted also in the other thread, if they can be af any use:


- Musician -

The skill tree is based almost only on songs,
Each song produces a different area effect, you can have only one song always active at a time, changing the song takes some time though.

Examples[, (just crappy names)

March level 1 - Increase visible friendly units standard walking speed by 5%.

Song of restoration level 1 - Visible friendly units gains 1 hp point every 2 seconds

Chilling Harmonies level 1 - Visible friendly units gains 1 mana point every 2 seconds

Untuned flute blows level 1 - Makes all monsters in the current area feel confused, their movement speed is reduced by 10%, attack speed is decreased by 2%, casting time is increased by 2%.

- Jester - It's funny, the monsters are just inclined to like him. He tries to approach monsters with fancy tricks and kills them treacherously with stunning blows, critical strikes, and poisoned/flaming/exploding gifts. It's a kind of non stealthed trickster, but he is forced to do automatically a success check, everytime he tries to approach monsters: If will fail, he is attacked normally and can't use surprise attacks.

- Tamer/Charmer - With strong litanies, can tame beasts and charm monsters to fight by his side, these allies do level just like him, can get equipped, healed, renamed and revived also. (some skills related to this)

Traitor lvl 1 - Charms one enemy, forcing him to attack his allies, lasts 30 seconds or until the charmed enemy dies.

Pack taming lvl1 - forces a pack of creatures of the same target type, in the nearby target area, fighting for the tamer for 30 seconds.
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