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Few points so far (Conjurer 16, Ranger 17, Warrior 8):
- As has been mentioned - human clans are WAY too tough comparing to everyone else. I can easily kill with my ranger one on one member of almost any other clan but humans... my raid party of 3 toughest guys in my clan plus me could barely kill human
- Somehow I get a feeling that all my clan members are way tougher than me even if they have more or less same vitality and armor
- Blizzard IHMO is op when used against player. Strong damage + debuff + no real way to avoid it. When you face 4-5 zombie dark elf mercenaries they have good chances of tearing you apart
- Warrior seems super lame. He doesn't do enough damage to compensate the fact that he has to fight in melee
- Raids are unfair because they allow you to get into the areas you haven't found yet - you just raid them and get instant teleport to their area even if you haven't been there yet
- When 2 clans with last member remaining raid each other it is lame. They can stand in their enemies camps for eternity
- It seems NPC clan members have serious troubles opening their own doors - they get stuck at their own entrances
- It would be nice if + sign on potential equipment (meaning that it's better than yours) would take more than just armor/damage into account
- Skills progressions seems very slow later on. Ok I have new lvl and bunch of skill points. Can I invest them to make myself 10% as strong? 5%? Usually the answer is no
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