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Default So Excited!

So I only found Drox operative recently due to a friend that was playing your demo and was telling me about it. Read the steam page and just straight away bought the game without playing the demo. I saw it was an ARPG and set in space, so I really didn't need to see any more. I knew I'd probably like it. What I didn't know is just how much I'd like it. Like wow, this game is so freakin amazing! I can't wait for the second one to come out later this month for early access. I'm definitely not done with the first yet but getting even more so quickly is going to be awesome.

I was looking at your patreon, I'm assuming when Drox 2 drops it will be an option to add stuff into? I'd love to throw some "legendary Item" ideas into the game after having played a bit and getting a feel for what's in it already. Like a legendary beam splitter that fits into the small component slot that will split a beam weapon into two beams; the first beam hits the actual target the other hits a second nearby target (perhaps slight damage reduction on second beam for balance say 65% to the second beam)... and maybe the same for each weapon type? Idk the possibilities for weird cool components is endless.

Either way, just wanted to stop in and see if drox 2 will be on the list for patreon and to say thanks for this awesome game. Also, Got that friend to buy it as well and we've been having a blast playing co-op.
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