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Strange Leveling/Tier Progression: the world gets more dangerous as you level up. how is this a bad thing? things would be pretty boring if the overall difficulty stayed the same

Cave-Ins: cave ins have been nerfed way way way too much already. there's a sound effect and a visual cue long before the rocks actually fall

Suicidal NPC/Escorts: clear the path before you take them

Unbalanced Items/Drops: agreed. itemisation has been a joke from the beginning

Money Drops: i love seeing a floor covered in coins. auto coin pick up is singleplayer only (and possibly while solo in a multiplayer game, not checked)

Mana-Steal Monsters: learn to dodge attacks

Intelligence Stat/Spirit Stat: INT gives crit, SPI gives resists

i'll add one of my own.. auto targeting
when using a bow, and using 123 to attack while moving, it's annoying to have it target healthstones/crates/webs that are nearby when an enemy is in range

even when there's no healthstones/crates/webs around, sometimes you need to get really close to an enemy before it gets targeted (mouseover works fine, but sometimes you want to avoid running towards them, and the behaviour of R is just as unpredictable as not selecting anything)
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