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Originally Posted by joku View Post
So don't run into a room and let 10 dark-elves swarm you. Draw them off one or two at a time, or draw them all through a bottleneck so that only one or two can attack you at a time.

And you're complaining about this during co-op? This is what tanks are for. One of you runs into the mob and draws their attacks while someone else deals out damage from a safe distance.

It really isn't that hard.
No. This wasn't what I was talking about at all. What I was getting at was an issue with dark-elves in particular having this ability and how having to deal with it gets more tedious than fun. It just seems this ability is overpowered compared with other equal-level creatures.

Yes someone could tank.
Yes you could kite them back and pick them off one at a time.
No that isn't hard.

What it is, for me and many of my co-op players, is annoying, tedious, and pace breaking compared to every other creature we fight. In in end it this seems to be more of a personal preference. I can see how this might not matter to some players.

Its not a 'major' issue by any means and seems only to come up in co-op. YMMV.
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