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Originally Posted by LordBlackangel View Post
At character level 1 you could walk a dungeon from it's first level all the way to the bottom and experience little or no resistance. In contrast, as you're approaching level 20, you begin to feel weaker than you did at level 1. Level 1 monsters begin damaging you rather easily and you quickly get the feeling of being overwhelmed. This strange scaling phenomenon occurs irregardless of class, skills, or items (I've tried numerous class/skill/item combination's). This gives the feeling of level progression not scaling with dungeon level/difficulty. Players want to feel cooler as time goes on. They want better weapons, stats, and skills that make it feel as though they've gotten more powerful. As it stands, my level 30 character feels weaker than my level 1 character ever did, even though he has powerful items, skills, and stats. I also understand that this may very well be an intended effect - and that's fine. I'm just putting in my 2 cents.

In closing, let me be clear: I want the world to get more difficult - but it's all pointless if I don't feel like I'm scaling with it. I want to feel like I'm going up in level and getting more powerful, not simply gaining shiny objects and raising statistical numbers that don't really seem to do much. I understand that this is a somewhat esoteric issue which can be hard to tackle, and I think there is probably many contributing factors which occur at higher levels that may cause this: frequency of more elite monsters, D.O.T. effects such as poison and fire, and sheer number of mobs.
Just to throw my two cents in here - I have noticed the same thing as you. I think that it may have something to do with creatures gaining and improving at their ability to dodge, block, evade or whatever. I haven't noticed them doing that all that much early on, but when they start doing it later it really makes a simple fight last a lot longer. If you are using a slow attack weapon it just makes it even worse.

Along a similar line: I think the creatures ability to deflect/evade/etc is why it seems to me that when I should have a 90%+ chance to hit that I am hitting more like 75% of the time.

I am still fairly new to the game and haven't had too many chars past lvl 20, so this is just my opinion.
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