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Originally Posted by Max_Powers View Post
Just to throw my two cents in here - I have noticed the same thing as you. I think that it may have something to do with creatures gaining and improving at their ability to dodge, block, evade or whatever. I haven't noticed them doing that all that much early on, but when they start doing it later it really makes a simple fight last a lot longer. If you are using a slow attack weapon it just makes it even worse.

Along a similar line: I think the creatures ability to deflect/evade/etc is why it seems to me that when I should have a 90%+ chance to hit that I am hitting more like 75% of the time.

I am still fairly new to the game and haven't had too many chars past lvl 20, so this is just my opinion.
This is precisely what I'm talking about and I'm happy to hear I'm not the only player who has experienced this. I think you're right about the dodge/deflect/evade/block from monsters in general possibly causing it. It makes your 95% attack on level feel as if it were much much less. And yes, using a slow weapon makes this even worse. Playing a straight up fighter seems strange when you're drawn to high-speed weapons (daggers) for sake of countering this effect.

Any ideas for the devs on how we can remedy this?
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