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Originally Posted by LordBlackangel View Post
Strange Leveling/Tier Progression - At first level I can walk through all the levels of a dungeon with no issue. As my level progresses things get inordinately more difficult. At level 20 the first level of a dungeon is exponentially more difficult and the mobs become life threatening. As the monsters get harder, my character should be becoming more powerful. This doesn't currently seem to be the case. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy the challenge and don't want to walk over the enemies, but the progression of difficulty should be uniform throughout the levels. Has anyone else noticed this? Comments?
When I was playing past level 20, what seemed to be an issue to me was the overall damage output of the monsters. It seems like it scales up too quickly, where just a few hits against a fairly well armored character can kill quite quickly. However, I also feel like many monsters ought to have more health per level. I found I was able to use my special attacks almost all the time and typically killed or very nearly killed most enemies in a single blow. I do like their ability to dodge/block etc though. Most games have mobs that die so easily... I'm looking at you, Titan Quest.

Originally Posted by LordBlackangel View Post
Unbalanced Items/Drops - I know this has been touched on in other threads, but I feel it's worth repeating and adding my 2 cents. My current character is level 30. 15 levels ago I found a dagger which has 50 DPS. You read correctly: 50 DPS at level 15. Needless to say I have not found a better weapon since - and I'm still using it. In fact, nearly all the high DPS weapons seem to be daggers. This is consistent with all items in the game. My leather/cloth drops are usually better than most plate drops (on average). In my mind there should be a definite difference between Cloth-Leather-Mail-Plate in terms of armor value and it should be consistent (I.E. The better cloth should provide armor equal to lower level leather, and so on and so forth). This logic should apply to all items in the game, both weapons and armor. Perhaps adjust for this by giving lesser armor/weapons other abilities? Adjust the attack time to even it out (swords swing slower but higher damage giving equal DPS)? Opinions?
This is the thing that's bothered me the most about Din's so far. I love the game, don't get me wrong, but I've played a lot of ARPGs in the past and the items in Din's often feel underwhelming, unbalanced, or too out-of-level. Your anecdote about the dagger you found happens to all my characters with different sorts of items.

On top of that, I still feel that the unique class items (Elite+ and Set) are underpowered. The random bonus modifiers are nice, but I think maybe there should be a special list of modifiers they can get, cutting out the weaker or less impressive ones. It really sucks to get a Legendary shield and have a +10 health bonus on it as a random modifier. Some of these items need to have their base bonuses cranked up too. An example of this that I found shortly before I stopped playing (due to technical issues, nothing to do with the game) was Mudbeard's Chestpiece (not sure if that was its exact name). It was a fairly good Set piece, a plate chest armor, and it had a stock +1 Strength modifier.

Furthermore, I've suggested a few times that certain modifiers be restricted to certain types of items and certain rarities. +all stats really ought to only appear on rare or very rare items, and maybe it should even use up two of the item's "mod slots" instead of one. +health should only appear on armor and really needs to be beefed up anyways. I'm pretty sure some modifiers do only show up on certain items though, like -cast time, which I've only ever seen on staves and gloves.
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