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Originally Posted by Bak View Post
At least some of the complaints (cave-ins, monster dps) sounds like you aren't sinking enough points into vitality. When I was first starting out, I tried putting most of my points into strength/dex (to equip better items w/o using potions) or int/spirit (to have unlimited mana). And got hammered. The game has pretty good balance, in that some strategy has to be used for the unglamorous skills like vitality, armor, and resistance.

Cave-ins and monster swarms pissed me off at first , but I'm getting better at the old saying: "He who lives and runs away, lives to fight another day."
(Closely followed by the Daffy Duck saying: "I may be a coward, but I'm a greedy coward." )
I highly doubt that. The character I'm playing right now is a Vitality/Armor heavy fighter (Abosorbs 100% of damage at level and a 150+ Vitality). And I also pop a vitality potion every chance I get. Its not the damage that bothers me, it's the lack of time to get out of the cave in radius. I think my character is well balanced for a fighter - that's not the issue there.

I have my own thoughts/concerns about how the stats scale up (or don't), but that's a little off the cave-in portion of the topic.
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