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Originally Posted by LordBlackangel View Post
In terms of cave-in damage I don't have a major concern, but when I'm playing with other players who's health levels aren't as high as mine every cave-in could equate to instant death, which is not fun. Without more information on how the damage level of a cave-in is generated it's hard to speculate further in terms of damage. As far as radius, the same gripes appear to be limited to multiplayer games where one person is already well inside the radius of where the cave-in will drop when another player triggers the panel. The result of this is that the person who triggered it is close to the edge (and can thus escape) whereas the other character is too far inside to escape in time
I'm a predominantly single player gamer. Co-op is not particularly fun or stable for me.

Having said that, if I get killed by a cave-in, then 98% of the time it was my fault. Either by not playing cautiously enough or taking a calculated risk and then having it not pay off. Either way, even if you get caught in one, there's very little chance of it killing you now (post-nerf), unless you're playing a very flimsy, cloth clad mage-type (and these guys SHOULD get 1-hit KO'd by cave-ins). This assumes that you're adventuring at your own level. In a dungeon that is significantly higher level than your character, then you have to expect that things aren't always going to be rosy.

Every now and then (this is the 2% of cave-in deaths left over from above) there's just an epic cave-in that flattens just about everything on the level. You get caught in one of those suckers and you're going to die. I always tend to think it's pretty awesome to see one of those. If you're playing hardcore, then hey - what a way to go! If not, then suck it up and go and collect that soulstone. No one ever said that the path to redemption was easy.
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