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Originally Posted by Bak View Post
I realize that the items awarded for reaching a new reputation award are largely random, but perhaps that can be tweaked? (Not entirely random, as I haven't gotten mail/plate when my char can only use leather.)

Char got Ciglio's Belt, which I promptly sold since it was inferior to the currently used belt. Next reputation level, got another Ciglio Belt. And it was inferior to the previous one that I didn't want. 3rd level, got an orange-buffed Greed Gloves. (Greed is good!) 4th level, got Greed Gloves again, but inferior to the ones being used.

Maybe make it that the same item doesn't get awarded twice? Perhaps a different Ciglio item instead of the Belt, or require that the 2nd awarded Gloves can't be Greed?
Not a bad idea. I've gotten 4 Ciglio (sp?) vests (or was it robes?) I put one in my 'shared' chest and sold the rest as they were all less than what I was wearing. The one in the shared chest I use on new characters I try out.
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