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I was reading your Twitter posts earlier and it got me thinking a bit about world modifiers again, and I thought of two possibilities...

One was Temporal Flux, where all Damage Over Time effects and other abilities with a limited duration (like Fire Elemental) have a random change in their total duration, say -40% to +40% for each use. Not sure how feasible this is, but it could be fun. If possible, you could even make projectiles move at different speeds each time they're fired/cast

The other was Titanic/Gigantism, where monsters would have a much higher chance of spawning with the Giant modifier. Which of course got me to thinking about how much more difficult that could be, which further led to this thought: maybe Giants in general should have a lowered chance to hit and possibly lowered speed/attack speed. You're a much smaller target when your enemy is a giant instead of standard size, and therefore harder to hit. As it is, those guys can kill in one hit.
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