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Originally Posted by Zillion View Post
I agree with all of these, except with the win conditions. The Legend & Economic win conditions were recently made more difficult to achieve. Although, it can really vary on what the game deals you for quests. I had a lvl 40 ship and got a Legendary quickly (like 10 mins on a lvl 42 sector) because of the number of bosses and veterans I tackled. Economic is still more difficult to achieve IMHO, but then again it's more fun blowing the crap out of everything as opposed to hocking info, so I generally don't try for an Economic win anyway.

As for what's resistant/vulnerable to what, floating over the Structure, Shields, Armor in the character menu will tell you what's resistant to what.
I know what is resistant / weak to what, i would like to know how much though. As in how much weaker IS shield to kinetic. Would make choices over kinetic resist / all resist module more informed.

Also, the suicide bombers on expert or higher diff really needs to be toned down abit. You cant outrun them even at top speed, and they basically oneshot me through 1k shield at level 30
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