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From discord:

- Suggestion based on Jackrel's point in #general: use the DL system for ships in Drox. All ships for all races could be assigned names for their captains. They could then talk with you, telling you about their day or their feelings about other ship captains or their race. They could have an attitude towards other ship captains or towards their race in general. They could have personal quests. And they could rebel against their race, sabotage it etc. It would make the game world feel more lived-in. A colony ship could be piloted by the same guy as it's used multiple times etc. Even though the races represent millions of people, the people you interact with don't have to be that many, giving you a distinct feel for them and creating new gameplay opportunities.

Bluddy: A race without money can't afford to pay its captains well, so they're easier to bribe...
Jackrel: yes
Bluddy:It would also be really sad if you put effort into a captain and then he died
Jackrel: It would yes
Bluddy: especially if he just got married and had kids :frowning:
TheLastShogun: Or was two days from retirement
Jackrel: XD not squidlore! He had a family, was putting his kids through college!
!! That would be a neat idea, say you buddy up to a captain and it nets you the option to use them as a political game piece but also gives you a direct line for aquiring goods and crew from that race
Bluddy: That's the kind of stuff that would distinguish Drox 2 from 1.
Jackrel: Like if you were friends with another captain he might give you a heads up of any crew looking to get out of their fleet
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